In 2023, PayPal money adder scams are still prevalent. Criminals will use phishing tactics to send out fake emails, text messages, and even phone calls that appear to be from PayPal. These messages will often contain links to a malicious website that will attempt to steal personal and financial information. The website may also ask for payment information in order to ‘verify’ the user’s account or to ‘unlock’ a certain feature.

Once the scammer has personal and financial information, they may be able to access accounts and steal money. The scammer may also demand payment via a wire transfer or other means in order to ‘unlock’ funds.

It is important to recognize and avoid these scams. Never provide any personal or financial information to an unknown source, and never click on links or attachments in an unsolicited message. If you are ever unsure, contact PayPal directly to verify the source of any message.