In 2023, PayPal account takeover scams continue to be a serious threat to millions of users who use the popular platform. With the rise of internet and mobile banking, PayPal’s security protocols have grown increasingly sophisticated and difficult to bypass. However, hackers have become increasingly adept at finding new ways to breach these systems.

One of the most common PayPal account takeover scams in 2023 is phishing. Hackers use a variety of methods to try to gain access to a person’s account information, such as sending fake emails asking for personal details or even creating malicious websites that look like legitimate PayPal sites in order to collect credit card numbers and other sensitive data.

Another common scam is social engineering, where hackers pose as PayPal customer service representatives and try to convince victims to provide confidential information in order to access their account. Sometimes, hackers even try to get people to transfer money to accounts they control.

By using two-factor authentication and implementing other measures such as software updates, users can do their best to protect themselves from such scams. PayPal also provides plenty of helpful advice for users to stay safe. Ultimately, staying vigilant and alert to any suspicious activity is the best way to ensure that your PayPal account remains safe.