In 2023, PayPal receipt scams are still a major concern for consumers and businesses alike. Scammers use various tactics to try to trick people into giving them their personal information and financial data. The most common type of scam involves impersonating a legitimate PayPal service provider, sending out fake receipts, and asking for bank information or other sensitive online account access details.

Scammers often make their emails look legitimate by using the same logos, language and branding as the actual PayPal website. They may also include a link to a fake version of the PayPal website to further increase their chances of success.

To protect yourself, make sure to only use the official PayPal website to access your account. Don’t click on any links in emails or on social media that appear to be from PayPal. Additionally, never provide any personal or financial details to anyone in an email or on a website that you don’t trust. If you suspect you may have encountered a PayPal receipt scam, contact PayPal customer service immediately.