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Card samples? That’s right! We’re interested in bulk sales and long-term business, given the volumes that we need to take care of (launder) and convert. It’s just stupid that practically all other card shops and outfits are just a bunch of scammers. Go ask somebody else for a sample, have you? What did you hear back from them? Some lame-assed excuse. Well, we are interested in your long-term custom.

No more no less.


Of benefit to you, and of benefit to us. We get crypto, you get real cards & real PayPal cash to spend however you like it.


Pay with cryptocurrency of your choice.


Use cards or PayPal balance as you wish.


Rewards outweigh the costs, reap them!

Buy physical and digital cards with balance, PayPal transfers

Safe and anonymous, payment with cryptocurrency. Experienced team, delivering to North America, EU and beyond.


000s happy customers


Safe & honest

How it works?

Simply select one of the items in the online shop. Enter your shipping details (use a fake name but real address!) for physical products like cards, or email for digital deliveries like PayPal transfers, pay with crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dogecoin). Receive order confirmation or order trackingdetails in email. PROFIT!